Masum Meets McGurk, Confirms Iraq’s Ability To Be a Leading Regional Power

BAGHDAD / President Fuad Masum said "Iraq can shift, in a short period, into a leading and confident regional power in promoting peace and stability and promote the progress and development in the region, pointing out to the efficiency of the Iraqi citizen, and his love of the work, creativity and sacrifice and its ability to innovate civilized and enlightened ideas. "

Masum said, during a meeting at his home in Baghdad yesterday evening with the envoy of US President to the international coalition in the war against Daesh Brett McGurk, according to a presidential statement, "The reconstruction of Mosul and all the liberated areas and accomplish societal reconciliation is strategy starting from smaller administrative units towards larger until the inclusion of the overall national level, which is effective guarantee for the revitalization and prosperity to those areas in all fields. "

The statement added that the two sides discussed, during the meeting, the overall security situation and regional and international developments as well as developments in the war against terrorism, where McGurk briefed the results of his recent contacts and talks, stressing that his country would continue to support Iraq in all fields.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency