Baghdad Mayor of Baghdad Alaa Maan confirmed that Abeer’s campaign removed 19 thousand cases of encroachments in the capital, Baghdad.

Maan said in a televised statement: “The non-fixed vender are not covered by the lifting of encroachments, adding that “we issued warnings to the owners of the buildings in the streets of the capital.”

He continued: “Baghdad suffers from a heavy legacy for years and cannot be dealt with arbitrarily,” adding that “we have witnessed cooperation from the citizen by lifting the encroachments voluntarily.”

He explained that there is a defect in the infrastructure of the capital, Baghdad.”

He indicated that, the last developmental study of sewage water was carried out in 1980, adding that the entire sewage system of the city of Baghdad is worn out.

He continued: “The absence of the housing policy led to the splitting process in the residential houses,” adding that “the investment should be within the planning policy of the capital and not a commercial deal.”

He stated that if the collection system is updated to electronic, the municipality may turn into self-financing.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency