McGurk: Daesh Will Not End Simply And We Will Work With Iraq To Its Full End

BAGHDAD - The United States is working to bring all displaced people back to their liberated areas, Special Envoy of the US president to the International Coalition, Bret McGurk.

He said in a press conference "The ongoing fighting in Mosul is in its final phase and we are working with Iraqi forces to end this, despite Daesh horrifying in killing civilians, where the United Nations said 173 civilians were killed last week by Daesh terrorism."

"We will work with Iraqi forces to rescue the besieged civilians in Mosul with our ongoing work to restore stability and clean up the areas to bring back the civilians back, adding that "1 million and 800,000 civilians were backed to their areas," he said.

He added: Yesterday was the first day to liberate the Syrian Raqqa with the completion of the liberation of Mosul, which is the capital of the terrorist organization, and the campaign will continue despite its difficulty and we have a plan to restore stability and the return of 200,000 displaced in cooperation with the Syrian Democratic forces and work to remove explosives in the Syrian Tabka that was liberated six weeks ago ".

He pointed out that Daesh will not disappear and ends up simply and we will work with Iraq on the end of Daesh.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency