Military Intelligence Seize a Large Repository Of Very Important And Sensitive Documents To Daesh

Baghdad / Military Intelligence in the Nineveh Operations Command seized a great repository for storing important, dangerous and sensitive documents belonging to Daesh (so called Islamic state), as well as computers, printers and books promoting their militant extremist ideas.

A source in the military intelligence told the National Iraqi News Agency / that "the documents contain valuable information on terrorist groups and their names and addresses of whom sealing lands that were confiscated and taken away from the Shabak, Christians, Turkmen and Shiites who have been displaced or fleeing from Mosul villages" .

The records, receipts and contracts that have been found show millions of dollars were charged to the sale of the residential houses, agricultural lands and confiscated land where most of that money go to buy weapons, ammunition, explosives and materials used in booby-trapping operations to target civilians and security forces.

The source confirmed that "military intelligence is still conducting study, analysis, and archiving these documents to be used against groups and those who are cooperating and supporting Daesh for the purpose of cracking them and arrest" .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency