Military Sources Reveal New Details About The Extermination Of A Terrorist Cell In Hawi Al-Azim

Baquba Military sources revealed new details about the terrorist cell that was exterminated in Hawi Al-Azim last night.

The sources told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) today, after monitoring a suspicious movement in the depth of Hawi al-Azim by one of the drones that it prompted the follow-up, scrutiny and directing of thermal cameras around the clock.

It added that the joint intelligence work had precisely determined the location of the terrorist cell called ” suicide bombers”, including Arab nationals, which is responsible for the terrorist attacks that targeted the security forces recently. Pointing out that the bombing of the warplanes was accurate and a fatal blow to ISIS, especially that among the dead were prominent leaders in the ISIS organization, most notably Abu Musa Al-Iraqi, the military assistant

Source: National Iraqi News Agency