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Minister of Culture: The massacres that Gaza and its people are subjected to calls for unifying Arab and Islamic stances to support the Palestinian cause

Baghdad The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Hassan Nadhem, made a telephone call with the Palestinian Minister of Culture, Atef Abu Seif, to express the position of the Iraqi government and intellectuals in support of the Palestinian people in the face of the brutal violations committed by the Zionist occupation authorities in the Palestinian cities.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Culture, the Minister affirmed that Iraqis of all sects stand with their brothers in occupied Palestine, stressing that what the Palestinian people are subjected to in terms of murder, brutal massacres, demolition of their homes and the plunder of their lands, in terms of the legal description according to international law, are mass killings of a racist nature, based on discrimination and ethnic cleansing, and is considered a valid basis for the emergence of international criminal responsibility for individuals, political and military leaders of the Zionist entity that occupies the land and people of Palestine, according to their violation of the rules of international humanitarian law.

He added, “Iraqi intellectuals have organized massive campaigns to denounce the Israeli violations, and through many activities and artistic works, they have expressed their solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people and their endeavor to recover their full and unimpaired rights.”

He pointed out that what massacres facing Gaza and its people require uniting Arab and Islamic positions to support the Palestinian cause and support the legitimacy of the Palestinian leadership, and to achieve a just, comprehensive and lasting peace away from auctions.

For his part, the Palestinian Minister of Culture expressed his appreciation for the position of the Ministry of Culture and the Iraqis who supported the Palestinian people in their just cause, recalling the sacrifices made by thousands of Iraqi martyrs during their participation in the battles waged by the Arab armies against the brutal Israeli entity since the forties of the last century, in addition to the well-known stances of Iraqi intellectuals towards the Palestinian issue.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency