Minister of Industry And The Agency Discusses With The UAE Official Bilateral Relations And Ways To Strengthen Them

Baghdad - The Ministry of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani and Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Economy Abdullah Al-Saleh discussed bilateral relations and means of enhancing them.

A statement by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals said that during his visit to the United Arab Emirates, the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Shaia al-Sudani met with the Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Economy Abdullah Al-Saleh, who reviewed the investment opportunities available in the sectors of the state such as water, space, renewable energy, transportation, and the policies set out in this framework, strategic policy and other topics.

Sudani stressed that this meeting is part of the agenda of the Iraqi delegation visit to the UAE, which came at the request of the leadership of the two brotherly countries and the invitation of the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the UAE, pointing out that the Iraqi delegation varies between government institutions and elite Iraqi businessmen, which reflects the desire and seriousness of Iraq for the events of the transition and a real breakthrough in the development of economic relations between the two countries. "

He pointed out that "Iraq has overcome the ordeal at the last moment to announce the final victory and the expulsion of Daesh from the last inch of its pure land and this is achieved through the awareness of the Iraqi people in all its parts and the insistence of the Iraqi leadership on the need to combat terrorism and restore peace, noting that the current government management characterized professionalism and endeavored to meet the requirements of the war and the country's affairs despite the great challenges that plagued the country and the difficult economic situation experienced by Iraq, pointing out to undertake real reforms to overcome the problems and obstacles and open the horizons of investment by diversifying sources of income and take advantage of the many opportunities in Iraq ".

He added: "Iraq is a rich country with great human and natural resources and is able to rise to be an important hub in the economy of the region and the world, expressing the desire to develop relations with the UAE in the presence of the renaissance and progress and development which confirms the existence of successful plans and management and the private sector.

During the meeting, according to the statement, "they discussed the mechanisms and foundations for the development of economic relations between Iraq and the UAE and discussed the possibility of benefiting from successful experiences in the interests of both countries."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency