Minister of Planning: The Iraqi government is focusing on economic reform, improving the lives of the Iraqi citizen, and establishing partnerships with countries of the world/ Expanded

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning, Muhammad Tamim, confirmed today, Monday, that the Iraqi government is focusing its policies on economic reform and establishing partnerships with countries of the world.

Tamim said in a joint press conference held with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Washington: ‘We hope in today’s meeting to come up with positive decisions,’ stressing that ‘the Iraqi government warns of the widening of the escalation and calls for restraint,’ adding: ‘We are focusing today on Agriculture, industry, investment and energy sectors,’ noting that ‘the Iraqi government is working to expand its economic partnerships.’

Tamim added, according to a statement by the Ministry of Planning: ‘The Iraqi government is working to expand its international partnerships and gas investment,’ pointing out that ‘Iraq is working with its partners to stimulate its economy, and the government is serious in its policies aimed at improving the lives of the Iraqi citizen.’

For his part, US Secre
tary of State Anthony Blinken confirmed that he held a fruitful meeting with Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, and they discussed the Supreme Military Committee.

Blinken said during the joint press conference, ‘The visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister is an important step to strengthen and develop relations between the two countries,’ expressing his ‘happiness to receive the Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation in Washington.’

He pointed out that “the American investment sector is important in Iraq,” stressing that “we are pleased to see Iraq succeed in the economic, investment, and energy issues.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency