Minister of Planning, US Ambassador Discuss The Latest Preparations For Kuwait Conference For Reconstruction Of Iraq


Planning Minister Salman Jumaili discussed with US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman preparations for the reconstruction conference in Kuwait on February 12.

Al-Jumaili told Ambassador Silliman during the meeting that “the Iraqi government has completed its preparations for the conference, and the national document for the reconstruction of liberated areas will be presented, in addition to a comprehensive report about the size and assessment of damage of those areas and a file representing the investment opportunities available in Iraq,” added “The reconstruction phase will rely heavily on partnership with the private sector in the implementation of strategic projects.”

He called on friendly countries, including the United States of America, to support Iraq in the reconstruction process, in the level of support provided during the war against Daesh and liberating the land .. He said: “The security situation in all of Iraq is now in a better situation, but we need sustainable security, economic, cultural, social and political aspects, in order to rebuild the society properly and provide the requirements of a decent life and absorb the youth by providing them with suitable employment opportunities. “

Al-Jumaili added that “the ministry has identified the sectors and priorities of projects for the next phase and drew a clear map of the investment that can meet the needs of development and society,” pointing to the existence of a great desire of many international companies to enter and invest in accordance with new and sophisticated methods away from traditional methods, and the investment will be in all fields, including railways, roads, schools, hospitals, phosphate, sand, sulfur and gas, according to preferential conditions that encourage investors and attract investment companies.

For his part, Silliman said that his country will be strongly supportive of the Kuwait conference and mobilize international support for Iraq to obtain the required support. He pointed to the readiness of more than 100 large US companies to enter and invest in Iraq. More than 400 international companies will participate in the Kuwait conference for the reconstruction of Iraq.

He stressed that his country continues to support the efforts of the Iraqi government to provide stability to displaced persons returning to their areas, especially in the city of Mosul.

He added that the United States supports the efforts of the Iraqi government to hold the parliamentary elections on time and support the Electoral Commission in the performance of its functions to make these elections successful.

On the other hand, the two sides stressed the implementation of memorandums of understanding between the two countries in the field of wheat and rice supply to Iraq, as the first shipment of wheat will arrive soon and will announce new tenders in the coming days.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency