Minister of Transport From Basra: The Trade Exchange Yard Between Iraq And Iran At Shalamjah Port Will Be Opened Today

Baghdad Minister of Transport Nasser Hussein Bandar Al-Shibli announced that the trade exchange area between Iraq and Iran will be opened today at al-Shalamjah port.

Al-Shibli said in a press conference held upon his arrival in Basra, this morning, Saturday: “We will go to al-Shalamjah port to open the trade exchange area between the Iraqi and Iranian sides, in addition to visiting the typical land transport garage, which includes a number of large trucks, a petrol station, repair workshops and others.”

The minister added: “The agenda of the visit to Basra Governorate will include following up the progress of work, implementing projects, building giant berths in the great port of Faw, and a visit to the railway station.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency