Minister of Water Resources: Turkey and Iran have violated international conventions, and we have a plan to deal with drought

Baghdad Minister of Water Resources Mahdi Rashid Al-Hamdani confirmed: “Turkey and Iran have violated international conventions regarding water,” noting: “The Ministry has an integrated plan to deal with drought and floods.”

Al-Hamdani said in a televised statement: “Our talks with the Turkish side witnessed a great development and transparency, and Turkey provided Iraq with all information about its dams and water reservoirs, and we are in the final stages of establishing a joint research center.”

He added, “The releases flowing from Iran have reached zero, and more than one billion cubic meters of water from the Sirwan River have been diverted into Iran.”

He explained, “The Ministry’s plans need 50-70 billion dollars until 2035,” noting that there is no commitment to water quotas by the governorates, and some governors encourage this.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency