Ministry Of Environment: The Central Bank Of Iraq Strengthens Support For A Sustainable Green Economy

Baghdad The Ministry of Environment has valued the pioneering steps taken by the Central Bank of Iraq to support a sustainable green economy and environmental projects and make them among the most important next steps.

The authorized technical agent in the Environmental Affairs Department, Jassem Al-Falahi, said in a statement: “The Central Bank’s decision to form a central committee headed by me and with the membership of the Ministry of Environment and a number of other sectoral ministries is considered to be entering into the actual and realistic aspect to make new activities and projects start with this step and direct to establish financing controls for all housing, investment and individuals projects from the initiative of the Central Bank.

He stressed: “It is an important step in achieving Iraq’s commitments to the Framework Convention on Climate, which contributes to improving the environmental situation in the country.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency