Ministry of Health: Our goal is to vaccinate 4 million citizens by the end of 2021

Baghdad The Ministry of Health announced today, Wednesday, that it is seeking to vaccinate 4 million citizens by the end of 2021.

The official spokesman for the Ministry, Saif Al-Badr, said in a press statement, “The number of vaccinated people has approached half a million people, while the vaccination process continues, as the past two weeks witnessed large numbers of people being registered through the electronic platform.”

He added, “Large numbers of vaccinated people have not yet taken the second dose, and the Ministry, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, aspires to reach 20% of the total population as an initial percentage of vaccination, so 8 million people in the country must be vaccinated.”

Al-Badr explained that “the ministry has limited access to 50% of the vaccinated until the end of this year,” stressing that “judicial measures have been taken with people who have attacked the vaccination program and the Corona vaccine, and some of them have been identified and legal measures have been taken against them.”

He stated, “the medical staff needs time for a scientific evaluation of the epidemiological situation based on scientific foundations, and it is still too early to overcome the epidemic crisis because its seriousness still exists. ”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency