MoH: Iraq Is At The Peak Of Third Wave Of The Pandemic, And Infections Constantly Increasing

– The technical undersecretary in charge of managing the Ministry of Health, Hani Al-Aqabi, confirmed: “Iraq is at the peak of the third wave of the pandemic, and the number of infections and deaths is constantly increasing,” while noting that vaccination and adherence to preventive guidelines is the last solution to contain the pandemic and reduce the number of inflected.

Al-Aqabi told the official agency (INA) today, Monday, that “the epidemiological situation in Iraq is very dangerous, and there are a large number of patients in hospitals who are in critical conditions.”

He said, “Arafa visit is close to us, and there will be a large number of pilgrims (visitors, and this matter will give the pandemic a great opportunity to transmit and spread the infection,” calling on citizens to “conduct the visit remotely if possible, adhere to the preventive instructions and wear a mask.”

He explained, “The country cannot pass the pandemic crisis and reduce the number of inflected without taking the vaccine,” noting that “the symptoms of the virus are very dangerous and difficult to bear, and the salvation from this danger is through vaccination, even if waiting for periods of time on vaccine queues, knowing that the vaccine is available significantly in all health centers and hospitals.”



Source: National Iraqi News Agency