MoH Renews Its Warnings To Citizens: Our Hospitals Are Unable To Accommodate Coronavirus Patients

Baghdad  The Ministry of Health and Environment renewed its warnings of a major health disaster, and called on citizens to expedite receiving vaccines against the Coronavirus, and to abide by preventive measures.

The technical undersecretary of the ministry, Hani Al-Aqabi, said, during his visit to a hospital today, Friday, that “the citizens did not help the Ministry of Health adhere to preventive measures and take the anti-Corona vaccine, and we ask them to take into account the seriousness of the health situation, take the vaccine and stay away from crowded places.”

He added, “We have repeated the warning over the past period of the danger of underestimating and ignoring preventive measures, and most citizens continued to practice their social activities, and to hold events and gatherings, such as funerals and banquets, without committing to preventive measures, such as wearing a mask, or physical distancing.”

He explained that “Corona vaccines are present in all parts of Iraq,” criticizing gatherings in public places, swimming pools, and tourism to the Kurdistan region.

He continued, “Our hospitals have become unable to accommodate Corona patients, and there are 4000 patients on oxygen devices,” warning that “the country is on the cusp of a health disaster if citizens do not adhere to the precautionary and preventive measures for the Coronavirus.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency