Baghdad The Ministry of Health has warned of the danger of the Delta strain.

It said in a statement that the Delta strain is transmitted very quickly and easily.

The ministry called for stopping human gatherings in the current period for any reason.

It indicated that the epidemiological curve continues to rise as a result of the increase in the rates of infections and deaths in light of the exposure of our country and the countries of the world to a fierce and harsh third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, causing severe pressure on hospitals and Coronavirus treatment centers that witness an overcrowding of patients and an increase in severe and critical cases, including the youth, with the number of deaths has increased dramatically and unprecedentedly.”

It explained, “public health and epidemiological experts confirm that the new strain of Covid-19 virus (Delta) moves with great ease and speed in these gatherings, causing major and dangerous infections even among young people and children, which increases pressure on health institutions and their heroic staff that have been tackling the pandemic since the beginning of the year 2020 so far .

The Ministry called on everyone to abandon the approach of complacency and disregard for preventive measures, as the country is on the cusp of a health and humanitarian catastrophe, the extent of which only God knows.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency