Mohandes : Operations Are Underway To Tighten The Ring On / Tel Abth / West of Mosul

BAGHDAD / Deputy Chief of the popular mobilization forces, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes said, "The military operations of the axis of the popular mobilization forces are underway to tighten the ring on the " Tel Abth " area within the fifth stage of the popular mobilization, west of Mosul.

According to the website of the popular mobilization forces, "the popular mobilization forces managed to free many villages nearby Tel Abth in western Mosul," pointing out that "the forces continue operations to tighten the ring on the region from four axes in preparation to storm and free it from Daesh."

He added that "by achieving the set goals within the fifth page of the popular mobilization, we will announce a new phase until the liberation of western Mosul from Daesh fully" .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency