More Than 54 Million Metric Tons…Iraq’s Oil Exports To China During 2021

Baghdad The Chinese Customs Administration announced today, Monday, that Iraqi oil exports to China amounted to more than 54 million metric tons during 2021.

The administration said in a report that “Iraqi oil exports to China amounted to more than 54.07 million metric tons, equivalent to (383.897 million barrels) and equivalent to (31.991 million barrels per month) during 2021, with a decrease of 10.1 percent compared to 2020, in which exports amounted to 60.11 million metric tons, or 426.781 million barrels, equivalent to 35.565 million barrels per month.

It added, “Saudi Arabia ranked first as the largest oil exporter to China during 2021, with exports amounting to 621 million barrels, followed by Russia second, then Iraq third, Oman fourth and Angola fifth.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency