Baghdad Deputy of Change Movement Bloc, Kawa Muhammad demanded the three presidencies to take a serious and firm stance towards the continued Turkish shelling on border villages.

Muhammad said in a statement, which the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of it, “Once again yesterday, Turkish aircrafts bombed several regions in Kurdistan region, especially the border areas of Bradost and (Rustem Judy) camp in Makhmour and Sinjar as well,” noting that “these Turkish interventions that are repeated on Iraqi soil, show lack of respect for Iraqi sovereignty. ”

He added, “This indicates that the Turkish government is taking advantage of the Iraqi government’s silence towards blatant interference and in areas located deep inside Iraqi lands that are populated areas”, denouncing “these repeated violations of Iraqi sovereignty and indiscriminate shelling of large areas of the Kurdistan region without any deterrent, whether by the federal government or the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Muhammad called “the three presidencies to take a serious and resolute stance towards the continuous bombing of Iraqi-Kurdish border villages and towns and defend defenseless citizens who deserve a safe and dignified life, not living daily under a hail of fire”, calling on the United Nations and international organizations defending human rights, “to have a role in stopping the repeated attacks by Turkish aircraft and reducing the killing and exodus of the citizens of those areas”.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency