MP Calls Turkey To Prove Its Goodwill Through Immediate Withdrawal Of Its Troops From Iraq

BAGHDAD / The head of the independent parliamentary bloc, Sadiq al-Labban called on Turkey to prove its good intentions to strengthen relations with Iraq through the immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops stationed in northern Iraq.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / Turkish Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation, who visited Baghdad yesterday and met with the three presidencies, did not refer to the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Camp Ba'shiqah urgently, and make it open and linked to peace in the region, and this is a negative indicator in developing bilateral relations in all fields. "

He explained "If there was a real intention for the Turkish government to strengthen relations with Iraq and respect Iraq's sovereignty, it should withdraw its troops from Iraq immediately, to prove its good will," pointing out that" the presence of Turkish troops in Iraq until now demonstrates the lack of seriousness of the Turkish government to re-develop relations with Iraq. "

He warned "from Turkish political change and volatility in the future, and lined intentions in Iraq, as happened with other neighbor countries, after showing good faith, then backed away from it."

It is mentioned that Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim arrived in Baghdad yesterday for an official visit during which he met the three presidencies.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency