MP: Displaced Of Jurf al-Sakhar Have Not Returned To Their Areas So Far


MP from the National Alliance bloc Adnan al-Janabi confirmed that the displaced of Jurf al-Sakhar have not returned yet to their areas so far.

“The parliament voted, a few days ago, on the law of the House of Representatives elections, which included in its terms the return of the displaced to their areas as a condition for holding elections in those areas,” he said at a news conference today, added “The spokesman of the Hezbollah Brigades in Jurf al-Sakhar talked about the return of 80% of the people of the region to it. “

He stressed that “this is not true and no single person of the region has returned, and I bet them to give us the name of any person returned,” explained The government talked about the existence of IEDs and unexploded bombs, but these excuses are incorrect,”

He added “We have already tried to resolve this matter and contacted the then Minister of Environment Qutaiba Jubouri, who allocated technical teams to lift the bombs and he needed financial allocations that were provided by the then Minister of Finance, but those teams were attacked by the armed forces controlling the area, and when prime minister contacted the commander of the province’s operations, he told him the need to return teams of the environment because they were not allowed to lift the IEDs. “

Al-Janabi questioned the mechanisms by which the government could implement its promises and hold elections on May 12

Source: National Iraqi News Agency