MP for Movement for Change: The Kurdistan Democratic Party demands not to address the issue of the Presidency in its negotiations with his party

Sulaimaniya / An MP for the Movement for Change Block / MC/ in the Kurdistan Parliament Revealed the preconditions of the Democratic Party to activate the parliament, in particular the passing of the popular referendum on self-determination.

Member of the MC block in, the Kurdistan Parliament Ali Hama Saleh said in press statements that the delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and during its meeting with the Movement for Change put forward preconditions to activate the parliament and legislative institutions in the forefront of passing the referendum, adding that the Kurdistan Democratic requires not to address the crisis ending the mandate of the President of the region and the position of Massoud Barzani, and not to study the parliament for the referendum file, and not to go into the poor living conditions of the citizens of the region, to normalize and activate the Kurdistan parliament, which has been idle for almost two years before.

He also announced that his Movement sees the need to reach an agreement on the law of the Presidency of the Region because it does not recognize the legitimacy of the outgoing president, as well as to undertake a study on the referendum and call the Ministerial Composition of the Parliament to open the file of imports and salaries.

The delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, announced on 20 August that he handed over the leaders of MC after the end of the first round of negotiations with the movement, a paper containing six points on the activation of parliament and the referendum, the normalization of Democratic party relations with MC, and the activation and normalization of parliament and parliamentary activity, the referendum, government support to improve citizens’ lives, create an atmosphere conducive to elections, and support government reforms.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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