MP From Diyala Calls On Al-Kadhimi To Focus On The Water File During His Current Visit To Iran

Baghdad The representative of Diyala province, Raad Al-Dahlaki, called on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to focus, during his current visit to Iran, on the water file, which caused great losses to the Iraqi people in general and the people of Diyala in particular.

Al-Dahlaki said in a press statement, “There are many vital and important files that the Iraqi delegation will discuss in Tehran, but what concerns us primarily as representatives of Diyala Governorate, is related to the water file, given that Diyala, which represents Iraq’s food basket, is living today in unenviable conditions. There are great dangers in the collapse of the next agricultural season and the death sentence on agriculture, and the lack of livestock in it as a result of Iran cutting off water from the tributaries emanating from its lands and flowing into Iraq until the rivers inside Diyala turned into dry and lifeless canals and drinking water became elusive in many villages and cities of the province.”.”

He added, “There are many papers that the Iraqi negotiator can use during his current visit to Iran, including the commercial paper, given that the volume of imports from Iran exceeds ten billion dollars, in addition to the religious tourism paper and joint cooperation in various fields,” stressing the importance that the delegation should inform representatives of the governorate of the results of the dialogues with the Iranian side regarding this file, due to its importance and its connection with the fate of thousands of families in this province


Source: National Iraqi News Agency