MP From INA: We Formed Specialized Committees Within The Alliance And Sadr Movement Will Be With Us At Any Time

BAGHDAD / MP Kamel al-Zaidi from the Iraqi National Alliance, said the alliance is convinced that the Sadr movement will be with them at any time.

Zaidi told the National Iraqi News Agency / "The National Alliance, until this moment, considers the Sadrist movement an important part of its parties and did not go out from the alliance."

He explained "The Sadrists did not break away from the tent of the INA to come back to it."

He added, "generally the alliance's parties formed internal technical committees operating within the framework of the Alliance, and the share of the Sadrist movement in the membership of these committees are still reserved and have not occupied by the others," noting that "the National Alliance formed special committees each one works separately, including the Committee of the Popular Mobilization and security, the economic Committee, judicial committee, the legislative committee, executive committee and the Committee on international relations and others, "

He pointed out that "the classification of the internal committees took into consideration that the Sadrists would be within the National Alliance at any time."

He continued "Muqtada al-Sadr has observations concerning the work of the National Alliance, and we respect that, but the final outcome, we are convinced that the Sadrists would be within the alliance at any moment."

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr considered himself outside the framework of the National Alliance, with a set of proposals presented to the leaders of the Alliance after the rejection of religious authority in Iraq to receive a delegation of the alliance recently.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency