MP: No Agreement On Disabled Laws And The Lack Of Quorum Will Be Repeated In Each Session


BAGHDAD, MP for the National Alliance Hilal Sahlani confirmed that the blocs and components of the Alliance intend to mobilize its deputies to resolve the problem of non-quorum in the sessions and pass the laws.

He said in a press statement, “There is no clear agreement so far on any of the amendments to the budget or the proposed amendment of the election law of the House of Representatives, and the postponement of the provincial elections,” noting that “the leaders of blocs and chairmen of the committees excuse that the meetings did not lead to results either with the Prime Minister or with the parliamentary blocs and representatives of the provinces. “

He added that “the political disputes and objections are still ongoing by some blocs that do not want to proceed with the legislation of the election law or the agreement to resolve the issue of Kirkuk in the local elections, or approve the budget,” noting that “national forces coalition and the Kurdish parties publicly link their attendance of meetings in exchange for meeting their demands in the electoral law and the public budget. “

He explained that “the lack of quorum requires the Presidency to keep most of the meetings open under any circumstances to resume as much as possible,” noting that “the imbalance of the quorum will be repeated in each session because the parliament can barely achieve a majority of half +1.”

The House of Representatives postponed some of its meetings recently due to repeated lack of quorum.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency