MP Reveals Some Paragraphs Of Iraqi Forces Coalition’s Paper On Political Reconciliation

BAGHDAD / The leader figure of the Iraqi forces Coalition, chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Talal al-Zobaie revealed certain paragraphs of the coalition's paper and the party that the coalition will send it to it."

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / "there are topics have a priority for us in the political settlement project, the most important is the disputed areas in all provinces, and re-displaced people to their areas and compensate them for the damage caused to them by the terrorist attacks and military operations. "

He added, "There are also a number of laws must be legislated in parliament and be bound in the political settlement, like the law of accountability and justice, which must include transferring this file to the judiciary, and restore properties of former officials, as commensurate with the Iraqi law, which deprived the confiscation of any properties of Iraqi citizens. "

He pointed out that "there are ongoing discussions between the parties of the Iraqi forces coalition to mature the proposals and paragraphs of the reconciliation paper of Iraqi forces coalition, and include them within the paper of the rights of our own demands that will create justice and equality among the Iraqi society."

He pointed out that "this paper will be sent to the United Nations, which is a neutral party, pointing out that" the Iraqi forces coalition called on the United Nations demanded be a guarantor of this agreement or the political reconciliation to ensure the rights of everyone, ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency