MP: The Budget Law Cannot Be Passed Today

BAGHDAD / parliamentary Finance Committee acknowledged that more than one point said it would prevent passing the draft budget in the Saturday session.

According to committee member, Jabbar al-Abadi in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / "There are differences, prevent passing the vote on the draft budget law in the Saturday session."

He added, "The main differences relate to the popular mobilization forces and the share of Kurdistan."

He explained that "The meetings between the political blocs from one hand and the parliamentary committee on the other hand are still under way to reach a compromise formula to ensure passing the voting," noting that "differences regarding to the allocations of provinces and the amounts of petro-dollar project can be overcome within the next few hours."

The House of the representatives is scheduled to vote on the draft of the federal budget law on last Thursday, but the meeting was adjourned to today's session on Saturday.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency