MP: The Federal Court Will Accept The Govt’s Appeals About Allocations In The General Budget

Baghdad The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced the details of government appeals to the Federal General Budget Law 2021.

Member of the committee, Ikhlas Al-Dulaimi, stated, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that “the Federal Court will decide on legal and technical challenges related to the work of ministries and bodies. As for appeals related to the financial sector, the court does not have the power to determine the amounts or change them.”

She pointed out: “The House of Representatives voted on the total expenditure in the general budget, 130 trillion dinars, and it became a binding law.”

She added, “The court will rule in favor of the government and the ministries in financial matters such as increasing the allocations for the degrees of deletion and creation, as the ministries have the right to challenge them and the court has the right to consider and stop them, because there are allocations already in the general budget, which does not cost the government a financially and does not affect the decision of the House of Representatives in general.”

About the government’s challenge to increasing the purchase prices of agricultural crops, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee clarified, “The House of Representatives has made allocations to the Ministry of Agriculture, which has the right to determine the funding and allocation mechanism for farmers and crops, and the amount set by Parliament for the Ministry was distributed according to the sectors’ needs, therefore the Ministry has the right of the Legal Appeal.

The House of Representatives voted on the budget for the current year 2021 at the end of last March, while the Council of Ministers decided, in its session held on April 20, to authorize its president to appeal to the Federal Court with a number of articles of the General Budget Law.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency