MP: The Upcoming Elections Will Come Up With Personalities Close To The People

Baghdad A member of Parliament for Saairun Alliance, Sabah Al-Ugaili, said: The upcoming elections will come up with figures close to the people and not through well-known figures who will nominate whoever they want.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that: The new election law has created a new equation for the arrival of new figures to the next parliament based on their proximity to people, especially within his region, and is not based on words only, since the regions know their people well.

He added that: The results will be in accordance with this principle and not as it was previously, that the well-known personality gives votes to whomever they wants and grants a parliamentary seat to whomever they wants, but that the seat according to the new law will give great chances to the new candidates.

The next elections are scheduled to take place on October 10, amid unstable political and security conditions, which some expect to be postponed to another date.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency