Muhandis, PMF’s Field Leaders Discuss Securing The Iraqi-Syrian Border

Baghdad – Deputy Chairman of the popular mobilization body, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis discussed with the field leaders of the PMF, the participation in securing the Iraqi-Syrian border.

“in the presence of Muhandis, an expanded meeting of the leaders of the popular mobilization forces in charge of securing the Iraqi-Syrian border was held to discuss the problems experienced by the forces, where the solutions to these problems have been developed,” the website of the popular mobilization quoted Qassim Musleh the leader of the 13th Brigade as saying.

“The meeting also discussed the development of a shortcut to the fighters for easy access to the border, where some are dirt roads stretching from the beginning of Mosul to the border in contrast there is a shortcut but needs coordination.” Musleh said.

He added, “We also discussed the arrival of logistical support for these units, in addition to discussing the popular mobilization next battles to liberate the non-liberated areas.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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