Muin Al-Hassan: Basra’s Local Government Announces Its Readiness To Host Gulf 25

Basra The spokesman for the governor of Basra, Muin al-Hassan, said, “Those voting for Basra to host Gulf 25 have pledged to support Iraq and Basra to lift the ban on Iraqi stadiums, pointing out that this matter has important impact at all sports, social, economic and political levels.”

Al-Hassan said, “We, as a local government in Basra, announce our readiness to host this championship and we congratulate our people in Basra and all Iraqis for this sports event.”

He pointed out that “the delegation will return to the homeland, on Wednesday, and it is hoped that it will hold a press conference in the Sports City upon its arrival.”

Al-Hassan added, “The delegation for hosting Gulf 25 will spend this night in the State of Qatar, after completing their trip to five Gulf countries starting from (Kuwait, the Emirates, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar) and during which it met with the heads of the football federations in these countries and the ministers of youth and sports, who in turn gave their full support for Basra to host the championship and voted unanimously.

The Gulf Cup Federation decided to assign the task of organizing the Gulf Cup 25 championship to Basra at yesterday’s meeting in Doha.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency