Municipality of Baghdad: The Director of Abuses in Sadr City survived a failed assassination attempt

BAGHDAD The Director of abuses in Sadr City survived a failed assassination attempt.

"The director of abuses in first Sadr City Municipality survived a failed assassination attempt when unknown gunmen attacked a house in Sadr City and bombarded it with bullets from small and medium weapons," the Baghdad Municipality said in a press statement, noting that "this process caused material damage to his home."

It added that "this cowardly operation came after the director of abuses carried out a campaign to lift the abuses represented by shops that were established in an informal and contrary to the law at the outskirts of Sadr City."

"It explained that this process has not diminished its ability to continue efforts to lift the abuses on the streets and public places that have caused a distortion of the aesthetic of the capital of Baghdad."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency