Baghdad National Security Adviser Qassem Al-Araji chaired today, Sunday, a meeting of the National Intelligence Coordination Authority.

Al-Araji stressed during the meeting, according to a statement by the National Security Adviser, the rejection of the recent sectarian calls, which were rejected by all the Iraqi people, noting: “These calls will only receive firmness and strength from the security forces.”

He added: “The safety valve in Najaf and the leaders of the honorable Iraqi society and clans are the impenetrable block in the face of any attempts to undermine security and civil peace.”

The National Security Adviser continued: “Our current battle is an intelligence battle, and we must work with precision, care and seriousness to uncover the enemy’s intentions and direct preemptive strikes before it commits its criminal acts, as well as uncovering murders and bringing the perpetrators to justice.”

He praised the efforts of the security and intelligence services in pursuing terrorists, stressing the continuation of pursuing criminals and those involved in Speicher crime and bringing them to justice to receive their just punishment.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency