National Security dismantles the most dangerous network of information piracy

Baghdad The National Security Agency announced the dismantling of the most dangerous information piracy network.

A statement by the Agency stated that based on the intelligence information received by the security of southern Salah al-Din regarding the existence of a network for hacking information in the holy governorate of Karbala; the detachments of the National Security Agency in the south of Salah al-Din Governorate, in coordination with the security detachments of Karbala, began activating the intelligence and field effort to boycott information, and after days of observation, they managed to dismantle a network of (5) suspects who are considered one of the most dangerous espionage and piracy networks in Iraq.

He explained that their statements were fundamentally written down, and they admitted receiving training courses outside the country, and their efforts to penetrate the databases of state security institutions and leak information about the National Security Agency for the purpose of selling it.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency