National Security Thwarts A Terrorist Attack In Al-Alam District, And Arrests A Security Detachment Commander And His Assistant

Baghdad – The National Security Agency thwarted a terrorist operation in Al-Alam district in Salah al-Din and arrested a security detachment commander and his assistant.

The agency stated in a statement that: Based on accurate intelligence information, the National Security Service detachments in Salah al-Din Governorate were able, in a preemptive operation, to thwart a terrorist plot targeting Al-Alam district, and to arrest a security detachment commander and his assistant, and in their possession (5) explosive devices, explosive materials and a silencer. They intended to target human gatherings and members of the security services.

It added: Their statements were initially recorded and it was found that they belong to ISIS terrorist gangs within the so-called Salah al-Din State, Hamrin District, and they were referred to the competent judicial authorities to take the necessary measures against them.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency