Normalization Body: We Have High Confidence In Coach Advocaat And The Players

Baghdad The normalization body in the Iraqi Football Federation confirmed that it has high confidence in the Dutch coach of the Iraqi national football team, Advocaat, and the players, and expressed its hope that mistakes would be addressed and that the next matches would be well prepared.

In response to questions from a group of journalists and media professionals, the Secretary-General of the National Committee, Muhammad Farhan, said today, Wednesday, at the headquarters of the Iraqi Football Federation: “The loss that the Iraqi national team suffered against its Iranian counterpart was a painful impact on the sports fans, and we regret this loss, although the coaching staff did not gets a sufficient preparation period before the qualifiers, as well as the normalization with the Ministry of Youth and Sports made great efforts in order to provide all the requirements for the team’s success before entering the qualifiers.

He added, “We hope that this situation will be rectified in order to address the errors in order to prepare well for the upcoming matches that will be held next month, as we still have great confidence in the capabilities of coach Advocaat and the players to compensate for this loss and return to achieve victories.”

In another context, Farhan said: “We are waiting to set a date for a delegation from the International Federation to visit the city of Basra and see the stadiums and sports facilities before the decision to lift the ban and return matches to their stadiums, and there is interest at a high level from the central and local government, the Ministry of Youth and the normalization body for the return of national teams to play its matches on our stadiums, and there is optimism in this regard.”

He explained, “There are real problems with regard to licensing, and the situation is very dangerous, because the AFC is waiting for solutions, and we hope that there will be a settlement between the club administrations, coaches and players to avoid falling into new pitfalls that may prevent club registration.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency