North Lebanon Governor, Judge Ramzi Nahra, on Thursday welcomed French Ambassador to Lebanon, Hervé Magro, and his wife Maria Magro, along with the Protocol Director at the Embassy, Zaher Abi Rashed, in the presence of the President of the Federation of Al-Fayhaa Municipalities of, Hassan Ghamrawi, at his office in the Tripoli Serail.

Discussions revolved around various economic, social, and livelihood issues, including the impact of Syrian refugees on the daily life of Tripoli residents and its surrounding areas.

Governor Nahra welcomed Ambassador Magro, his wife, and the accompanying delegation, emphasizing “the historical relations binding the two countries and peoples.’

Nohra acknowledged ‘France’s leading role across various fields, especially its efforts to keep the specter of the ongoing Gaza war away from Lebanon.”

The North Governor also expressed gratitude to the French government for its “support to institutions, humanitarian, and social associations,” hoping for “further coordination, support,
and strengthening of relations at all levels.”

In turn, Ambassador Magro thanked Governor Nahra for the warm reception, stressing “the importance of the meeting and the exchange of ideas and information,” affirming that “Tripoli and all Lebanese regions are a priority for France.”

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon