Nujaifi Confirms His Refusal To Hold The Referendum Of Kurdistan In Kirkuk And Disputed Areas

BAGHDAD - Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi confirmed his position to reject the referendum of the Kurdistan region in Kirkuk and the rest of the disputed areas.

Nujaifi said during his meeting with the Turkish ambassador in Iraq Fatih Yildiz, according to a statement of his office: "The referendum in the Kurdistan region has repercussions that leave negative effects on the unity of Iraq and its future."

On the other hand, Nujaifi called on the Turkish ambassador for: "serious assistance and contribute to the reconstruction of Mosul and areas affected by terrorism and military operations," pointed to "the need for a large-scale international effort."

For his part, the Turkish ambassador confirmed his country's categorical rejection to the referendum because of its negative effects that cannot be accepted.

The two sides, according to the statement, discussed the bilateral relations and the file of elections and the challenges facing it, and the battle of the liberation of Tal Afar.

Nujaifi praised the victories achieved by our forces against terrorism, stressing his aspiration to liberate Tal Afar as soon as possible with the utmost importance to build confidence and peaceful coexistence between the people of the district through liberation and holding ground in a balanced manner that promotes confidence and prevent any action outside the law, with encouraging quick return of the displaced to their areas and maintain the infrastructure and interests of citizens.

He stressed the need to face the challenges and address them, including the file of the displaced and to provide the means and possibilities for their return to their cities and homes, and to address the security situation and prevent any actions by unauthorized parties, and control the proliferation of weapons and some militias that operate outside the law and the will of the state "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency