BAGHDAD, The number of victims of twin attacks in the Tayaran Square in central Baghdad has risen to more than 110 martyrs and a wounded.

The source told NINA that the number of victims of the double attack in the Tayaran Square rose to 21 martyrs and 90 wounded, including serious cases, noting that the wounded were distributed to the hospitals of Sheikh Zayed, Kindi and other hospitals. "

Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan announced the killing and wounding 81 by double attack in the Tayaran Square in central Baghdad.

Maan said in a statement: "After checking the information about the double attack in Tayaran Square in central Baghdad, it was carried out by two suicide bombers, which led to the death of 16 people and wounding 65 others with the remains near the scene, and we will provide you with other details later."/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency