NWM Calls On Kurdistan To Accept The Road Map Drawn Up By The Religious Authority To Resolve The Crisis

BAGHDAD – The National Wisdom Movement (NWM) considered the proposal by the Supreme Religious Authority, of directives to resolve the referendum crisis, is a great opportunity to resolve it.

NWM said in a press statement: “At a time when everyone thought the issue ended towards the legal and political crisis between the federal government and the Kurdistan region, comes the supreme authority and draw a path of solution that can end everything if it is taken.”

The National Wisdom Movement called to abide by the directives of the supreme religious authority on the crisis of the Kurdistan referendum, which is based on the unity of Iraq and peaceful coexistence among its components and the restoration to the Federal Court to resolve the disputed issues in case it cannot be solved through dialogue.

NWM expressed support for the directions of the religious authority and considers it a constitutional and legal roadmap to get out of this crisis.

NWM reiterated its support for the constitutional and legal procedures of the government to preserve the unity of Iraq, stressing the importance of the call of the religious authority to return to the dialogue table, provided that the constitution is the umbrella on which it is based.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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