October Revolutionaries call for the formation of an emergency transitional government

Baghdad The October Revolutionaries demanded the formation of an emergency transitional government.

In a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency received a copy of it, they emphasized: “The need to form an (emergency transitional government) (to save and restore the nation), dissolve parliament, rewrite the constitution, and prepare for the desired elections to take place in an appropriate environment and conditions.”

The October Revolutionaries demanded the restoration of the homeland, the right of citizenship, the confinement of weapons in the hands of the Iraqi state, and the presentation of the killers of the martyrs of the blessed October Revolution to a fair judiciary, the elimination of militias and armed factions, the disclosure of corruption and the heads of the corrupt and their prosecution, and the recovery of the stolen money.

They stressed “the necessity of ending the influence and dominance of corrupt parties and preparing for the conduct of” fair, free and just “elections under the supervision of the United Nations after providing the appropriate environment, and this has proven impossible in recent days to achieve as the current situation continues as it is.

They affirmed the work to build the institutions of the modern civil state, the true state of citizenship, to achieve security, peace, equality and social justice, by investing the country’s wealth in reconstruction, progress, prosperity and the well-being of the Iraqi people.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency