Oil Expert: Kurdistan Oil Agreements With Russia Unconstitutional

BAGHDAD -The expert in oil affairs Hamza al-Jawahiri said that the agreement of the Kurdistan region with Russia in the field of energy is illegal and contravenes Iraqi constitution, attributing it to the failure of the Kurdistan region to consult the central government in this agreement and takes its approval.

Al-Jawahiri said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that "this agreement is contrary to the Iraqi constitution and is a transgression on the rights of Iraqis from the legal side, from the other economic aspects; the recent oil explorations proved the extent of oil reserves in the region, which constitute 660 million barrels after the success of production operations ".

He added that "the oil fields that have been agreed to dig and explore with Rosneft company are fields outside the borders of the Kurdistan region, i.e in the disputed areas and take a period of exploration from 5 to 6 years for the emergence of production results, so it confirms the illegality of the agreement in dealing with fields outside its borders."

It is mentioned that Barzani arrived in Russia last Wednesday and held talks with the Russian president and Russian foreign and energy ministers on the sidelines of the forum. The Kurdistan Regional Government also signed a series of important agreements with Russia's Rosneft without the approval of the central government.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency