OIR Spokesman: The Int’l Coalition Supplied Iraqi Security Forces With Equipment Worth More Than $5 Billion Since 2014

Baghdad  The International Coalition announced that it has supplied the Iraqi security forces with equipment worth more than $5 billion since 2014.

OIR Spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto, said in a press statement today: “Only in the last week, the international coalition provided the Iraqi security forces with equipment worth $35 million,” noting that “this is part of the fund for financing, training and equipping the Iraqi security forces, which was supported by the American forces “.

He added, “This support includes communications equipment and intelligence equipment, as well as all matters in all areas of the Iraqi security forces,” noting that “the support will continue to support the Iraqi forces, and perhaps in the future and in light of the decision to withdraw combat forces and leave the matter to a decision by the Iraqi and American governments.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency