One Fall After Another

By: Gazi Hassan

The investigation into the fall of Mosul hasn’t yet ended and now Anbar province is added up to it. The developments in the Sunnib populated strategic and important area showed again that Iraqi army and its officials starting from the Prime Minister to a sectarian powerless soldier are not able to direct the army in critical situations. Hence, the responsibility of governing a state is not only about thinking of buying weapons and getting military equipment from the U.S and then resort to Russia at the same time for the same purpose. We saw once more that, similar to what happened in Mosul, the advanced weaponry of U.S army was handed to ISIS. The most important question is: Is there any authority in Iraq that could investigate the successive falls and bring those responsible to justice?

Some people think that what now is happening is the betrayal of Sunnis. That Sunnis are backing ISIS and want Baghdad to stand alone facing the crisis. The Government doesn’t want to arm the Sunni tribes against ISIS because there is no trust between the two groups.

Others think that Baghdad is orchestrating all these itself so that it could use as much violence as possible against the Sunnis. That is why the Sunnis are not ready to believe and trust the Shia and Baghdad government.

There are some who believe that the Deputy of Iraqi President and former Iraqi PM are responsible for what’s happening. Nuri Albmaliki runs a shadowy government inside Aadi’s government, and he’s responsible for the fall of Mosul as well as Anbar.

Others are accusing the U.S and think that it is a plot to divide Iraq. Shias think that Sunnis are also backing the plot and are working for their independent region.

No one is here talking about Iran and the role it plays in the fall of these places. By losing Anbar, the parties would forget for a while the war on Houthis, and rapid developments in Syria and USbIran negotiations, and it’s much easier now for Iran to involve in the developments. At the same moment, Shia militias are seen as the only freemasons throughout the dramatic changes. We saw that a battalion of Iraqi army after another was overthrown and surrendered and lost the ground. On the contrary, a battalion after another of Shia militias are being formed and showed that these militias have to be dealt with as legal and constitutional body, and should be armed, provided with financial capability and legal authorib ity to do whatever they want. The U.S made a turn and is now helping this idea. The Shia militias, (Popular Mobilization Unit) is now a new sectarian army within another army, as the case in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Iranian Revolutionary Guard appears on the ground.

The authority in Baghdad is heading towards failure. Instead of solving the problems Aadi is in Russia to buy weapons for the army that is under the Shia dominance. These new Russian weapons will be handed over to ISIS later. In addition to that, any step towards Russia means strengthening the (SyriabIran) front and extension of Nuri Albmaliki’s policies, which plunged Iraq to more catastrophes.

Iraq is practically going towards division. The steps are moving more clearly towards sectarianism, and fears of sectarian conflict are growib ing further. Kurdistan is the only part in Iraq that is doing politics beyond sectarianism, and is working clearly for independence and is a staunch ally of the U.S and the West as well.