Othman: Dialogue Between Iraq And US Will Not Enhance The Stability Of The Country

Baghdad The Kurdish independent politician Mahmoud Othman confirmed: “The dialogue between Iraq and Washington will not enhance the stability of the country.”

Othman said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “The stability of the country is linked to the success of the American-Iranian dialogue, which is the basis,” noting: “The US position toward Iraq and Iran will become clear at the end of this year.”

He explained that if Iran and the United States agree on the nuclear program and the negotiations between them succeed, the United States will give more space to Iran in Iraq, but in the event of no agreement, it will be another position, therefore we await developments in the situation between them.

He pointed out: “The United States is working with Iraq and Syria on the basis of geopolitics, negotiating with the Syrian President to solve Lebanon’s problems, as well as negotiating with Iran over the situation in Iraq, because it knows Iran’s great influence in Iraq.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency