Othman: The KRG Ready To Hand Over Border Crossings To Start A Comprehensive Dialogue With Baghdad

BAGHDAD, The Kurdish leading figure, former MP, Mahmoud Othman revealed that Kurdistan region ready to hand over border crossings in preparation for the start of a comprehensive dialogue with Baghdad.

"The Kurdistan Regional Government is waiting for the response of the federal government, to set a date for the purpose of sending a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government and representatives of all the Kurdish parties to Baghdad for the purpose of initiating dialogue to resolve the outstanding problems," Othman said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency.

He explained that "the Kurdistan Parliament and the Kurdistan Regional Government are willing to hold a dialogue with Baghdad as soon as possible, because the region needs the money to solve the problems of salaries of the region's employees and give the region a proportion of the general budget to walk the process of construction and reconstruction and other matters."

Othman pointed out that "the ball has become in the court of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, to set a date for the visit of the delegation of the province to Baghdad to conduct the dialogue," pointing out that" the prime minister of the region announced earlier the Kurdistan's readiness to hand over all border crossings and solve all outstanding problems according to the Constitution.

"The international intervention in the current crisis between Baghdad and Arbil is limited to demanding a serious dialogue between the two parties only, without other things."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency