Othman: The Kurds Have Not Yet Decided Their Position Regarding The Upcoming Political Alliances

Baghdad The independent Kurdish politician Mahmoud Othman confirmed: “The Kurds have not decided their position so far regarding the upcoming political alliances.”

Othman said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “After the Sadrist movement won the largest number of parliamentary seats, it is supposed to form the next government according to the constitution, but the interpretation of the vague constitutional article 76 did not specify who is the largest bloc.” Added that: “After the 2014 elections, it became the political norm for the largest bloc to form after the establishment of alliances and after the election results were announced.”

“The country cannot bear new setbacks and problems, and the threat of escalation because of the election results does not serve anyone,” Othman said.

The Kurdish politician said: “The formation of the next government needs political consensus,” noting: “The Iranian-American interference in the file of forming the next government will be present, even if it is indirect or important.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency