Parliament Speaker And His Jordanian Counterpart Stress The Importance Of Overcoming The Obstacles That Could Stand In The Way Of The Outcomes Of The Tripartite Summit

Baghdad Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi and his Jordanian counterpart, Abdulmon’im al-Odat, stressed the importance of overcoming the obstacles that could stand in the way of the outcomes of the tripartite summit.

The media office of the Parliament Speaker stated: “Al-Halbousi met today at the parliament’s headquarters with his Jordanian counterpart and the accompanying delegation, where discussions were held on ways to enhance bilateral relations, parliamentary diplomacy, and joint cooperation and coordination between the two parliaments.”

Al-Halbousi welcomed the visiting delegation, pointing to the depth of the brotherly relations between the two countries, stressing the importance of strengthening the bonds of cooperation, in order to move forward with practical steps that will be reflected in the reality of the two brotherly peoples.

Al-Halbousi added that the House of Representatives supports the outcomes of the tripartite summit and the bilateral agreements between the two countries, pointing to the need to facilitate investment procedures and protect investors in both countries.

He appreciated the Kingdom’s support and His Majesty King Abdullah II’s support for Iraq in facing challenges, consolidating bilateral work ties, and cooperating in all fields.

For his part, the Speaker of the Jordanian House of Representatives stressed the importance of establishing a new phase and formulating cooperation between the two parliaments, noting that this visit and the successive visits of His Majesty King Abdullah II are for official confirmation that Iraq and Jordan constitute a strategic depth for each other, and that the security of Iraq is an integral part of Jordan’s security and that the region does not enjoy stability without the stability of Iraq.

He added that Iraq presented a heroic model in its war against terrorism in the name of all of us, and that we are proud of the victory it has achieved at all levels, and that the position of His Majesty the King and the Jordanian people was, is and will remain supportive of a stable and united Iraq, stressing the Kingdom’s support for the democratic process in Iraq and the holding of the upcoming early parliamentary elections .

The discussions emphasized the importance of the relevant permanent committees in both sides to communicate, to overcome obstacles that could stand in the way of the outputs of the tripartite summit


Source: National Iraqi News Agency