Parliamentary Committee On Security And Defense: Liberation Tal Afar Before Hawija

KIRKUK - The Rapporteur of the committee of security and defense, Abdul Aziz Hassan, confirmed that the joint operations command decided to launch the liberation of Tal Afar district in Nineveh province before Hawija district in Kirkuk province.

Hassan said in a press statement: "The joint operations command decided to launch the process of liberating the district of Tal Afar before the province of Hawija, because the complete liberation of Nineveh province must be completed and then proceed to Hawija."

He added: "There are many problems around Hawija, including political and some related to the political parties or the federal government, and I think the joint leadership will not allow the participation of the Peshmerga in the process of liberating Hawija and will implement the process alone."

He added: "There is a great danger to the provinces of Kirkuk, Baghdad, Diyala and Salahuddin, if the province of Hawija remains under the control of Daesh organization, but the agreement between the joint leadership and the international coalition provides the complete liberation of the province of Nineveh fully and then move to another area" .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency