Parliamentary Finance Committee: The government’s appeal to the budget law will not stop its implementation

Baghdad The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the government’s appeal to the budget law will not stop its implementation.

Member of the Committee, MP Ahmed Hama Rashid, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): In the event that the judiciary decides on the paragraphs that were challenged by the government, those paragraphs will be canceled from the budget and replaced by the paragraphs sent by the government, and it will not need a new vote in Parliament.”

He explained that the government did not submit an appeal against the paragraph of canceling employee and retired deductions or imposing the tax, pointing out that the government submitted the appeal with ten paragraphs related to six articles of the budget law, pointing out that among the paragraphs that were challenged, related to governorate projects, and another paragraph related to farmers, and the authority of the Minister of Finance, and licensing rounds.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency